The Crossbar Foundation’s vision is to engage with local children and young adults through sport and a host of other activities. We are looking forward to reaching out to as many young people as possible, initially in Telford and Shrewsbury and making a difference. 


We want to run fun, engaging activities such as fitness camps to help educate young people in a safe environment whilst tackling health and well being issues such as childhood obesity and diabetes. 


The activities will also look to promote positive relationships and teamwork. We intend to work with different councillors and resident groups, so they can tell us what the issues are in their own communities. We’ll consult with them before setting up clubs that we will look to make sustainable. There are ideas around music and enviromental projects. The main focus of what we do will be centred around sport, but we also look to reach out through different routes as well. 


The trustees for the Crossbar Foundation are Mark Hignett, Deputy Headteacher at HLC in Telford and also the Chairman of The Shropshire Schools & Colleges FA, James Watkins, from the Football Association, and two former Shrewsbury Town footballers in Sam Aiston, the Headteacher at Broseley Primary School, and Gavin Cowan, the director of Crossbar Coaching Education in Sport.


It’s a great team and it helps that we all have the same passion about what we want to achieve and that we all have the same goals. The Foundation is a charity and everything we do is all about the community. While we’re a separate entity from Crossbar Coaching, we will be able to utilise their connections and resources with so many different schools and different agencies. Youngsters like to go to things that are current, they love brands, and Crossbar is probably the biggest brand in Shropshire that’s currently engaging young people at present. 

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